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    by Randy Ooney      past articles



“Casey on the Lanes”

The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Mudville five that day,

  They found themselves down fifty with just one frame left to play.

When Thayer doubled in the tenth, the team let out a cheer

  And Casey, waiting for his turn, ordered up a beer

But Heywood from the Joe’s Bar team answered with a double

  Observers moved to their seats’ edge ‘cause Mudville was in trouble.

Then Gardy tripped a four pin, and Herbie did the same

  And when the dust had settled it was just a nine pin game!

The Joe’s Bar team hung in there but their lead had slipped away,

  And they could feel momentum swinging Mudville’s way.

When Joe Bob rung a ten pin, the fans let out a shout

  The Muds could claim the season if Casey could strike out.

A silence hovered on the folks as Casey took his place

  A bead of sweat was forming o’er the smile on Casey’s face.

Casey’s slide was graceful with firmness on the grip

  He sent it to the one board and it gave the pins a rip.

Ten in the pit for Casey but that wasn’t half the chore,

  The crowd looked on in earnest and pleaded for two more.

And now the resin covered sphere came blistering down the lane,

  Another Strike! And Joe’s Bar’s team was grimacing in pain.

It all came down to one last shot, the smile left Casey’s face

  The tinkle of a pin drop could be heard within the place.

And now Big Casey grips the ball, and now he lets it roll,

  And now the pins are splattered by the force of Casey’s blow.

Somewhere birds are singing and the sun is shining bright,

  And somewhere bells are ringing to welcome fall of night.

Somewhere there is darkness and somewhere lamps are lit,

  But there is no joy in Mudville, Mighty Casey left a split.