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 My Nickel’s Worth                                                        by Randy Ooney


                                                        B & G


When a collector or antique dealer sees B & G in print, they undoubtedly think of Bing and Grondahl, a Danish porcelain manufacturer in business for over 100 years.  However small minds like mine think of bowling and golf.  Bowling season lasts about 32 weeks leaving a hole in the summer in which to occupy your leisure time.  Some of us fill it by bowling.  I used to, but I always wondered why my right thumb never looked the same as my left one.  It became a question of whether I wanted to aim a ball at ten pins, ten times per game, or at 18 pins, once each per game.  So now I get hot and sweaty outdoors, instead of inside.


In addition to pins, there are a lot of other similarities in the two games.  For example, both games use a ball, a hook, and a lot of other four letter words.  Some folks carry a spare driver in the bag.  You hear a frequent use of feathered friend terms.  In golf, a birdie and eagle are good things.  In bowling a turkey is good  Just one more reason why a four bagger should be called an egret or ostrich and maybe progress to whooping crane for five or six in a row.


Summertime is usually a good time for vacation, so where can we multi sport kegler hackers get away from it all?  Well, the first stop would have to be Bowling Green, Kentucky.  After you’ve been there, done that, maybe you could take a fishing trip to Pin Lake.  There is one in Michigan or Montana.  If you choose Montana, travel a few hundred miles west to visit the Sand Split at Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge in Washington State.  Rather go East?  You could see a production at the Stage at Spring Point Southern Maine Community College located on Bunker Lane.


When you return home, get ready for winter with window and gutter cleaning by Fairway Gutter out of Apex, North Carolina.  And if you have a few bucks left, visit Golfsmith and order a custom made Strikeline Putter.  


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