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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney




Bridging the gap between the Christmas holiday season and the Groundhog Day holiday, I thought I might cover a few short takes in the world around us.


It’s rewarding that Rob Stone is no longer on the PBA telecasts and took the hambone with him.


It was fun to watch Elsie’s all around good guy Dave Bohn rip about 18 strikes in a row to finish a Monday set 290-279.


How about another all around PBA good guy Parker Bohn III notching his second major at age 49.  Next year he’ll be eligible for the MSC.


And speaking of lefties wearing Brunswick shirts, thank you, drock, for the bowling lesson you gave last week with a 790+ set.  I don’t mind paying our bet because I won more money than you.  Bowl better or get a good partner.


This time of year, you have about two and a half months remaining to get that tax return filed.  I don’t understand the ads from the big companies that want part of your refund in exchange for filing your return.  If you visit a retail store, you will see various displays of software for sale for around $50.00.  But then if you’re on line, a couple of these same companies offer the service free!  I think I’ll stay away – it’s an important process and I just don’t think free is the right price.  There must be a catch. 


Former no catch Twin Delmon Young won’t have a huge tax bill next year.  After receiving about six and a half million $ from the Tigers last year, and spending some of that on liquor and bail in New York City, he has now gained employment next to Ben Revere in the city of brotherly love.  His new salary?  A paltry $750,000. 


Canada Dry has come out with soda that contains only 10 calories per 12 ounce can.  It has 2 grams of sugar, if you need to watch your glucose.  The ginger ale and the Sunkist orange soda isn’t too bad, but the A & W root beer just doesn’t make it with me.  I think root beer is just one of those drinks that has to contain real sugar, so I guess I’ll stick with Diet Pepsi.


I am not sure what our bowling ball companies are doing with weight blocks, but there are balls on the market these days that I think would hook on the frozen ice of Lake Minnetonka.  But don’t try it unless you can afford to lose it.  Seven vehicles have busted through the ice out there this month, mostly in channel areas.  I don’t understand the mentality of anyone who would drive on untested ice.  I know they chart safe “roads” up on Mille Lacs, but I just keep on the regular asphalt roads myself.  I realize that “Grumpy Old Men” were into ice fishing, but I am one grumpy old guy that catches fish from the grocery store freezer.


Finally, I have heard that a 30 second Super Bowl ad this year is going for around $4 million dollars.  That’s US Dollars, not Zimbabwe money.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks and we’ll decide if any were worth it.  Stay warm. 





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