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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney




Three letter acronyms are now a part of life.   I think it began with the Kennedy campaign.  “All the way with JFK”.  No one ever touted RMN, DDE, AES, or HST.  But soon after JFK was elected, Ford came out with the LTD.  I never knew if it stood for Limited, or Loose Trunk Door.  Pontiac came out with the GTO.  We never knew what that stood for either, we just called it a goat.  Jaguar had the XKE, but the only words we knew that started with X were xylophone and Xray.  I don’t think the X stood for either of these.  But anyway, our fascination with the three letter acronym may have started in the mid 60s when LBJ took the IRT across the USA, and what did he see?  The youth of America on LSD!!


I remember in the early 80s when we had to have a video cassette recorder, (VCR), mainly because a brother-in-law had one and we needed to keep up.  Luckily, I chose the VHS format rather than BETA because it had only three letters.  The Panasonic machine cost around $1000.00 but it was worth it because it had a remote with a 12 foot cord, and I could afford it because my total monthly bill for gasoline and health insurance was only about $60.00.  I’ve gone through several machines since then, and last week I had to junk my DVD/VCR and replace it with a DVD player.  I have no idea what Blue Ray is because it’s more than three letters, so I opted for a DVD player for around $60.00.  I am not sure what DVD stands for, but I could afford it because my monthly bill for health insurance and gasoline is under $1000.00.


When you are not using your DVD, WII, or other electronic wizardry that hooks into your TV, you are able to watch the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, (if you’re really desperate), the PGA, PBA, NLL, (If you’re really, really desperate), and you can view them on CBS, NBC, ABC, TNT, or some other three letter acronym network.  I would be careful about switching to a four letter network.  We all know what happened to the LPBT, NASL, and USFL.  And I’m still a little anxious about the change from the ABC to the USBC. 


But as the bowling league seasons come to a close and free up some TV watching time, if you have not already done so, do NOT forget to pay your APR respects to the IRS.




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