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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney




I had a mobile phone at one time.  It was a small telephone with which I could send and receive phone calls.  I didn’t use it much, and finally gave it up since it didn’t seem worth the expense.  But now I notice the ads on TV where they are touting 3G and 4G networks.  When they get to 34G you may have to buy them at Victoria’s Secret.


I was playing a round of golf last summer with a friend, and on the first fairway, he pulled out a cell phone.  It had a GPS locator that told him how far his ball was from the center of the green.  I’ve seen these things on golf carts before, but they usually involved a crystal on the flagstick to allow the GPS thing to read the yardage.  I asked how my friend’s worked, and found it was an APP.  He said that it would work on about 12,000 courses, nationwide.  It wouldn’t help my game though.  I call my 7 iron a box of chocolates.  I might hit it anywhere from 50 to 120 yards, so I never know what I’m going to get.  But an Application, once used if your seeking a job or a loan, or rolling on a coat of paint, is now everyone’s dream in the world of cell phones.


It is amazing to see what the once innocent cell phone has become.  You can now pay bills, check your bank balance, play video solitaire, buy and sell stock, send txt msgs 2 BFFs, send pictures of your kids to Grandma, or pictures of body parts to football team associates.  All you need is a cell phone network and some APPs.  But once again, bowlers are left behind in the fast paced world of technology.  Where is the bowling APP?


When will we be able to walk into a bowling center, and without throwing a ball, check our 8G network, sub compact Flash and Find cell phone and body part picture sender, to find the oil pattern of each lane in the center.  For example:  Shur Hook Bowling Center <Lane 4 -- 35 units from 9 to 9 crowned to 50 units on board 20.  Length to 38 feet, should advance to 46 feet by the end of game one.>   “Visit our 11th Frame lounge.  Happy hour daily from 4:00 to 6:00 PM.”

(In the future, APPs will not be available without commercial ads.  Capitalism at its best.)  But the question remains ------

Y cnt ne1 nvnt a splchk app 4 txtng ?






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