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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


Back to …


Open your newspaper any Sunday in August and notice about 50 tabloids of “Back to School” offers at every mall store from Maplewood to Albertville.  And why not?  People love their kids and want them to look well and prepared, at least until lunch time on the first day of school.  I remember getting some new clothes and maybe a pair of shoes in the fall, and we would go uptown and purchase a pen and pencil, maybe a 3 ring binder and a notebook, some of that delicious white paste to eat during morning rest period, and then when we got to the first day of school we found that we weren’t allowed to have any of that stuff.  But we did it every year anyway.


But now there’s a number of us who have moved on in life and don’t need no more education ‘cause we are already smart enough.  One thing I didn’t notice was any “Back to Bowling” sales ads in the paper.  I suppose the Metro Bowler doesn’t print in the summer, and if our favorite local pro shop had to run an ad in one of the Twin Cities’ daily newspapers, the sale prices in the pro shop would have to be raised to cover the cost of the ad.  So, for all my Pro Shop Proprietor pals, here’s your one time only free ad from My Nickel’s Worth.

  Hey all you bowlers out there.  Did you know bowling season starts in less than a week?  Forget the mini donuts and toasted Hrbek Walleye on a stick.  Get your tail into your pro shop, and have the oil extracted from your equipment and have it polished, sanded and looking like new.  See what’s new in bowling balls.  How about a new spare ball or at least a new wrist brace.  That Velcro has got to be getting pretty worn out.  Mention you saw this ad in “My Nickel’s Worth”  and  receive 5 cents off your total purchase!


We are heading back to the fall leagues with five person teams.  One thing great about the 5 player lineup, is that you have four friends to give you a high five after you pick up a four pin, and then let you know what you did wrong to leave it.  If you should miss the 4 pin, and hear some grumbling, that would be your four friends telling each other what you did wrong.  But they’ll be back on your side again by the next frame, continuing to offer their best opinion on how to improve your game.


And as my friend and bowling philosopher Cynical Cyrus M. Lee, from Helanna, Montana always told me:  “If it’s free - it’s advice; If you have to pay - It’s a lesson; and if it has any merit - It’s a miracle”.


Have a great bowling season everyone!!   



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