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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney




It’s been awhile since we could tune in on Saturday afternoon and watch Chris Schenkel call a stepladder PBA Championship.  I have noticed recently that Randy Pederson is on FS1 to call the PBA Team Championship.  An entire new format that features PBA players in team competition.  This is not like your local beer drinking, hand slapping bowling league, but rather in a “Baker” format.  I am not sure who “Baker” was, but in a five player team event, each player gets only two frames per game.  There is a tournament available in the Twin Cities with this format, however I have never bowled in it and am not too familiar.

However, I am familiar with High School bowling, since I returned to my Alma Mater about five years ago and volunteered to help the kids. The Baker format is used widely in High School matches and usually it’s a best three out of five to win.  The great thing about this format in the team event is that every young man or lady gets to participate.  If seven players happen to show up for a match, of course only five can bowl in the first game.  However, then two players take a seat, and the roster is rotated so everyone gets equal participation.

Now for a commercial: I have participated in the North End Senior travelling League for about ten years.  This is a five man team (not Baker) handicap league that bowls four times in each of 8 bowling centers in the Northern Suburbs.  (Blainbrook, Elsie’s, Andover, New Hope, Classic, Mermaid, Super Bowl, and Sundance.)  Handicap is 90 % based on 220 scratch.  (I am proud to say that it was me who caused the league to bump it from 210, but that was before I got old.)  The fall meeting is on August 19 at Blainbrook Center at 9:00 AM and the first week is August 26 also at Blainbrook.  The league bowls Monday mornings at 10:00 AM (no holidays).  So if you are beyond fifty year of age and remember how good you were when you were young, there are usually teams looking to add a bowler to their lineup.  (Sorry, my team is full.)  See you there.



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