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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney

Basket bowl


It has been awhile, but like others I have started to take a little interest in our woebegone Timberwolves.  Regardless of how the shortened season pans out, you gotta love Love and revel in Rubio.  Even if you have only a passing interest, you probably have seen the commercial where the announcer says that the first word Kevin Love said was “mine”.  What they forget to tell you is that when Michael Beasley’s Mom laid him in his crib, the first thing he did was turn over.  And the first word Wes Johnson said was probably “brick”. 


One annoyance while watching the games on TV is the catch phrases that seem to have crept into the commentators’ vocabulary.  “Going strong to the basket” has been with us for awhile, but now we hear how he can really “score the basketball”.  I guess I can figure out what it means, but what else could be used to score, a left shoe?  Did Wayne Gretzky ever score a puck?  Can Albert Puhols score the baseball? Can Norm Duke score that Virtual Gravity Nano Pearl?


Hambones, Yahtzees, and six packs aside, It got me to thinking about a whole new theater opening up for Rob Stone on the PBA telecasts.


Travelling – more than three steps before releasing the ball at the foul Line.

Double dribble – A lofted ball that bangs the lane at tleast twice before Beginning to roll.

Free Throw – Bob Learn Jr. missing a ten pin and getting a second


3 point shot – Tossing one wide on the flat oil pattern and hitting only the 6-9-10.  (4-7-8 for leftys).

Jump ball – Frequently happens when too many spare balls are left on Return rack.

Foul  -  A member of your team was late and did not have a

Chance to shower before bowling.

Rebound -  Tossing a four bagger after a pocket 7-10.


And finally …….


Pick and Roll  -  Pete Weber removing something from his nose before heading to the foul line.


Only a few more shopping days left until Groundhog Day.  Where did the winter go?  Seems like it has only been with us for three months or so.  Pitchers and catchers report to Fort Myers in a few weeks.  Let’s hope the Twins can do the little things so Bert will have something to talk about. 




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