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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                        by Randy Ooney    





Rats! I was hoping last week’s article might have relevance for several weeks but once again our purple gang let us down.  At least this year it was not a missed slam dunk field goal or a bad call.  It was a total collapse.

Here’s a story, of a man named Brady,

Who has a one and two upon his shirt.

He is known to deflate some footballs,

So he can pass them without getting hurt.

His opponent, a team from Philly,

Who has Nick Foles proficient with a pass,

But the team is afraid the Eagles

Will get hurt if they fly into U.S. Bank’s glass.

They are meeting a week from Sunday,

And the game starts a few hours after lunch.

Tune in for the commercials.

And performance by the Brady Bunch.

At least the Vikings gave us a couple more games to watch before folding.  Let’s hope the weather is okay for the Super Bowl and the out of towners enjoy and spend a ton of money for our economy.  Speaking of weather, The Twin City Masters League at Texa Tonka on Monday January 22 was postponed due to weather for the first time in 43 years.  Eleven inches of snow but we are all getting soft.  I used to walk back and forth to school one mile in two feet of snow, and it was uphill both ways.

Enjoy the ultimate football contest!  I think I will prepare a Minnesoty cheese steak and sneak some Doritos into the foot long bun !   




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