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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                 by Randy Ooney


Double Trouble


    It takes a little time to download the videos of mnbowling coverage of local tournaments, but I took the time last Sunday to check out the final match in the CBA doubles competition recently held at the Island Xtreme bowling center at Treasure Island Resort and Casino.  Four accomplished CBA bowlers squared off in an alternate shot doubles format.  In one corner we had This is Dave (It wasn’t a lily, Jason’s camera double exposed) Langer and his brother Dan, who together already own 3 CBA doubles titles.  In the other corner were Smilin’ Carl Fietek and Brent (do NOT call Cedarvale a bowling alley) Prentice.


 I was not disappointed.  Considering that they were using a PBA Shark pattern, and many games had been bowled that day, the performances by these players were outstanding.  Carl was at his best.  Not only did he convert the few single pin spares left by Brent, but he struck on every ball when his turn came with a full rack.  I’m sure Andy Veripappa would have some kind of a name for that.  Dan and Dave did not give anything away, also pounding the pocket with nearly every shot, but Carl and Brent were locked in, had a two game total of 515, and were just too tough on this day.


 Years ago, when slot machines were only prevalent in Nevada, the one armed bandits used to display fruits on the reels.  Cherries were good, oranges were better, and plums were even better than oranges.  But there were also lemons on the reels, and if you caught them on the pay line, you did not get paid.  Gamblers acquired such an extreme distaste for lemons on slot machines that the manufacturing companies discontinued their use.  You still get paid less often, but at least you don’t have to look at those lemons.  However the maligned fruit of the lemon tree appeared on the video after Dave left an 8-10 on his count ball at the end of the match.  It’s nice to see a lemon make a return to a casino after all these years.  And if life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.  It’s an easy task with the Jack LaLanne juicer.  But if you don’t have one of those, and have to use one of those pitcher shaped things with a half of a football shape in the center, your lemonade could end up a bit Lumpy.   


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