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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                        by Randy Ooney




This past week, Treasure Island Xtreme hosted a unique tournament format for bowlers who have reached the age of 50+.  Within the World Championship major tournament, were three lesser events featuring separate qualifying and championships of the viper, chameleon, and scorpion patterns.


VIPER- After 5 games of qualifying the top 24 headed to matchplay.  Friday 5 players entered the stepladder finals.  Pete Weber eliminated Tom Carter in match one and went on to face Walter Ray Williams in a classic battle.  Walter tossed 10 strikes and finished with 278.  Pete had 9 strikes but a nasty 2-8-10 split in the ninth cost him as he recorder a 255.  Walter climbed the ladder in typical Williams Jr. fashion with a 237 to defeat Mike Scroggins and went on to the championship with a 268-258 win over Ron Mohr.


CHAMELEON- I had a nice talk with Ricky Schissler and his lovely wife Megan during the tournament.  Ricky is the nephew of former PBA star Les Shissler and he gave Les credit for teaching him the game.  Les taught him well as Ricky defeated Bo Goergen 223-216 and went on to take care of Ron Nelson Jr. by the identical score.  Ricky then tossed his third consecutive 223 but it wasn’t enough as he went down to Australia’s Andrew Frawley’s 237.  Frawley then lost to tournament leader and new PBA50 star Brian Kretzler 244 – 199.


SCORPION- Here we had rising PBA50 star Paul McCordic breeze his way up the stepladder with match victories over Amleto – 194-189, PDW 258-182, and Ron Nelson Jr. 232-227.  But in the final match, Last year’s TI champion, Parker Bohn III was too much for Paul and Parker took the Scorpion title, 213 – 191.


WORLD – The stage was now set for Saturday’s World Championship major title.  Past Treasure Island champions Pete Weber and Parker Bohn III were joined by Harry Sullins, Brian Kretzer, and Norm Duke in the finals.  Notably, Walter Ray Williams Jr. made a run from 23rd to 8th, but could not quite get to the top 5.  Harry Sullins defeated Brian Kretzer in a close match 201-193.  Sullins opened the 10th frame with a split and gave Brian a chance, however it was not to be as Kretzer also split the 10th frame.  Sullins went on to face Pete Weber in match 2 and lost to Pete, 234 – 186.  Weber continued on in classic form with a 264 against Parker’s 214.  The Treasure Island Xtreme bowling center was jam packed with a boisterous crowd and they were treated to a great bowling match as Norm Duke took the title with a 234-215 victory over Pete.


A word of praise for Bob Micek and his staff for a professionally run tournament from the Pro Ams on the preceding Sunday to the final frame on Saturday night.  Also hats off to John Weber and his crew for a smooth tournament.  Most of all, thanks to all the PBA 50 bowlers who travelled many miles and showed off their talents to entertain Minnesota bowling enthusiasts !!    



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