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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                         by Randy Ooney




In tennis, when a server hits one outside the lines, the referee will call “fault”.  If it happens twice in a row, it’s bad for the server.  Recently the server for mnbowling had problems but the hard working admin and Mr. Administrator, kept it running through the rough times and information about local bowling continued to flow.  And don’t worry too much, I’m sure that most of their hair will eventually grow back.


About the same time, our local Northwest/Delta airlines had an unexplained fault with their server.  It seems they were selling tickets to Phoenix for $0.00, and a few customers actually got that fare.  I hope they bought a round trip ticket.  I think there’s a Mastercard ad in there somewhere?  Golf clubs - $1200.00, two dozen Pro V1s - $80.00, Sun block lotion $7.95, Sarah Palin’s once worn leather jacket -$560.00, Airline Ticket to Phoenix - priceless.


There was a time when a server was simply a person who took your order and brought you a meal in a restaurant.  If the server was down, that could mean they were somehow depressed, or went to the basement to get a case of napkins.  Occasionally I will revisit the “Old days” when tires had tubes and Mickey Mantle was winning MVPs.  My grandfather recalled times when wheels broke and Babe Ruth was the Sultan of Swat.  After the ice melts on Antarctica, and the indestructible server sanctum of the world is built there, I’m sure our children’s grandchildren will recall the old days when servers used to crash, and baseball and golf were played on something called grass.   But one thing is certain.  When they bowl, whether they are using a polished reactive moon rock ball, or the high friction petrified loam from Venus, and the lanes are dressed with newly discovered Indian Ocean squid sweat which never breaks down, they will continue to leave corner pins on pocket hits.


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