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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


Gobble Gobble


It’s that time of year already !  The long hot summer is behind us, and the shovel is in the garage waiting to be picked up.  So it is time to bestow Turkey of the Year honors for 2018.


Speaking of Turkey of the year, our first and original Turkey, Patrick Ruesse is no longer heard on ESPN 1500 radio.  So this feathered friend goes to the folks at ESPN for cancelling the afternoon talk radio voices of Patrick Ruesse and Joe Soucheray.  They have also replaced my friend and morning host, Judd Zulgad with some gobbler named Dan Le Batard.  I have changed the radio stops in my car.


Our Target Field Turkey Barn had a number of qualified applicants.  I am sure that all of Logan Morrison’s baseball cards are now worth about three for a penny.  Byron Buxton is a great defensive player, but Byron, the bat is for making contact with a ball, not fanning the catcher.  Haystack Sano, shame on you.  You did not deserve to play on the same field with Joe Mauer.


Florida, Arizona, and Georgia – We in the US have been holding elections every two years for as long as I can remember.  When will you get it done ?


We had a PBA50 tournament back in Minnesota, hosted by the River City Extreme in Monticello.  But where were previous Treasure Island winners, Pete Weber, Walter Ray Williams, and Parker Bohn?  I like all three of these guys, and I hate to hang turkey feathers on them, but this is Minnesota, and bowling fans would like to see your skills.


So, this year’s Turkey of the Year committee met at TCF Bank Stadium, home of gophers who ran around like turkeys most of the season.  And the final designation of Turkey of the Year goes to the C word, CANCER.  However I feel that I am getting great treatment from the VA Medical Center in South Minneapolis, and hopefully I will be back next year to acclaim the Turkey of the Year for 2019.



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