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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                        by Randy Ooney    


Here WeGo !

No, this is not a beer commercial but rather the first call for bowling leagues beginning this fall.  I want to mention one of my favorite leagues, because it is only for bowlers who have reached the age of 50 +.  The name of the League is the North End Senior Travelling League, a 16 team league with 4 stops at 8 different centers throughout the season.  This handicap league bowls at Blainbrook, Andover, Elsie’s. New Hope, Sundance, Mermaid, Classic Bowl, and Super Bowl.  The great advantage of a travelling league is that you must adapt to the variance of lanes and conditions which is helpful when competing in tournaments.  It probably won’t help in the quagmire put down at the National USBC tournament, but it will undoubtedly help if you compete in local city and state events.  I have spoken with the league secretary, Jorge Slater recently, and he tells me that there are teams looking for bowlers.  You may email me at drbowler300@msn.com and I will be happy to put you in touch with Jorge.

Now, if you have not reached the age of 50, however your bowling average has reached 200 or better, you may be interested in a scratch bowling league.  Texa-Tonka Lanes in St. Louis hosts two of the best high average leagues in the metro area, maybe in the great state of Minnesota.  I have always maintained that a number of bowling centers in the metro no longer host scratch leagues because scratch bowlers don’t spend enough money in the bar (where profits exist), however proprietor Jeff Krystal has never complained to me about my preference of Diet Pepsi.  Anyway, there is always a playable lane condition at Tex, and on Monday evening Tex hosts the Twin City Masters league of up to 24 teams consisting of four persons, (That’s right PERSONS – there are some great women bowlers in this league).  There are a few teams looking for a bowler or two, or if you have four masters I believe the league can use a team or two to fill out.  Mark Voaklander is a great secretary for this league, and proprietor Jeff will be happy to take your name and put you in touch with Mark.

On Friday nights, Tex also hosts the Phil Bros Classic League, a scratch league for better bowlers of all ages.  Once again, I am sure Jeff Krystal would be happy to put you in touch with Secretary Tom Buntzen.  This ends my commercial and I hope to see you in any of these leagues, however, wherever you may reside, join a league, improve your game, and have fun !

Editor’s Note:

Good time to mention the Howie Havlish Scratch league at Flaherty’s on Friday nites at 7pm.

4 person teams, 3 games, regular pots plus a $5 last game pot, and the optional Pot ‘O’ Gold, that has reached over $1,000. Score starts at 300, reduced 2 pins a week til won, with a cost of $5 weekly.

10 current teams, have room for 2 more

Contact Dave Langer at Flaherty’s… david@flahertysbowl.com

Or Dawn King…. snooksking@hotmail.com




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