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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


High School                     

Now that classes have resumed, a lot of attention is being addressed to High School Sports.  I have been involved with a High School bowling league in the Western suburbs and I am sure that there are a number of leagues throughout the metro area.  Here’s how it works:  In High School football, 22 players each get half a game, and the rest sit on the bench waiting for someone to get hurt.  In Basketball, 5 players get to play most of the game and the rest sit in case someone needs a rest or fouls out.  In High School bowling, EVERYONE gets to play !

The league I am involved has five school teams: St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Chesterton Academy, Holy Angels, and my alma mater, Benilde St. Margaret’s.  These teams are hosted by five bowling centers in our area:  Texa Tonka. Tuttles, Eden Prairie Bowlero, Southtown, and Park Tavern.  A huge thank you to these centers for setting aside some time this fall to host practice and meets.

There are Varsity and Junior Varsity levels and all matches are five games and employ the Baker system.  Each game consists of ten frames and five bowlers rotate through two frames each to complete the game.  Then, if the team has more than five players, the roster is rotated so all players receive an adequate amount of playing time.  

I am happy to tip my hat to Anthony Rhines.  Anthony has stepped up from a coaching position to become the League Coordinator and has done a great job for all of the fine student bowlers.  Anthony also coordinates an adult / young person around New Year’s day for a doubles event at Texa Tonka with scholarship $$ available.  Thank you for all you do for the kids, Anthony !!

I would also like to tip my other hat to all of the fine coaches in our league.  I don’t know all of the names, but I know that my Benilde St, Margaret’s team and I are happy to have John Sabol and Max Johnson leading the way.   “Go Red Knights !!” And I am happy to acknowledge a great bowler and friend,  Dan Triske, who lends his time to a fine Hopkins High School team. 



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