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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney




I mentioned some new bowling balls in a previous article, and now I want to mention a few friends’ accomplishments with their shiny new rocks.  Smilin’ Carl pulled a new Columbia Enigma off the shelf and fired an 813 for three and finished the four game set with 289 for an 1102 series.  Lisa Nadeau and Francie Jenne continue to record 700 sets with a Lucid by Storm, and it looks like they convinced sister Deb Lantto to try one out and she made her Lucid debut with a 773 last week.  But wait!  I just saw an ad for a 4G Smart phone by LG Electronics.  They have named the phone a Lucid.  I looked it up and Lucid means translucent or luminous.  Neither the ball nor the phone is one of these.  The ad states that the phone is free as long as you commit to two years of service.  They failed to quote the monthly fee which means if you have to ask, you probably cannot afford it anyway.  Storm should have some sort of a guarantee on the ball.  Pick one up, and if you don’t win enough in jackpots and pot games in two months, just bring it back and we’ll trade it in for a phone.


Kudos to my jackpot game pal John Snook.  He’s had several 300 games in morning pot games, but tossed a perfect game in league play on December 28 using a 900 Global Look.  Jewelry for John, Congratulations!  Then if I can hum into my own harmonica, I should mention that I also tossed a sanctioned 300 game on December 14, using – (no laughing) my Brunswick Green Combat Zone purchased at On Track Midway around 1997.  I could probably afford a new ball, but instead I am tricking lanes and competitors that I am too poor, so they have been letting me win some jackpots, and cash in tournaments.  Not only that, but I have now become friends with six or seven pro shop proprietors, and I am afraid that if I buy a ball from one of them, the others may start giving me “Dirty Looks”, and I don’t mean the 900 Global kind.  But I have to admit, seeing these huge scores going up week after week, is tempting, especially since the world did not end. 


That reminds me.  A discount double check of the Mayan calendar has a prediction that the Vikings will win the Super Bowl in February.


Have a safe and pleasant New Year holiday.  Both this week and throughout 2013!      



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