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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


Oh Boy

“All my love, All my kissin’

You don’t know what you been a-missin’

Oh Boy !”

It has been awhile since we have been able to tune into Channel 9 on Saturday afternoon and listen to Chris Schenkel and Nelson Burton host the PBA tournaments.  Recently, I found Randy Pederson on Fox Sports from Lubbock, Texas, the home of Buddy Holly and a recent PBA Tournament.

A few years ago at Treasure Island, I was between games and took a few minutes in the casino area to play the nickel draw poker machine.  I was joined there by a man wearing pants with one leg blue and white striped, and the other with red patchwork.  Of course I knew him as Guppy Troup and we had a nice conversation about bowling and gambling.  I only mention this because Guppy’s son, Kyle made the stepladder finals in Lubbock.  Kyle Troup is an interesting PBA member.  He seems to have the same hairdresser as Colin Kaepernick, and Storm Nation has dressed him more wildly than his dad.  He won his first two matches but then lost to the eventual winner, Dick Allen, (formerly known as Richie) who fired a 278 at him and eventually squeaked out a one pin victory over Sean Rash in the final.

I hope Fox will be televising more tournaments.  I have Direct TV and FS1 is channel 219 in my area.  I do have a complaint however.  The set up for the competition was of course on two lanes, and the oil pattern on one of the lanes was ten feet longer than the other.  I would rather watch the pros shoot 250s or better than 185 or 198.  I can watch those scores in my Thursday night league.

Yeah, I know that a golf course has 18 all different holes, and the PGA narrows fairways and places pins uphill and downhill, but bowling is not golf.  I used to be fairly good at bowling, but I was never good at golf.    



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