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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


Everyone has a few pet peeves.  I have one or two (dozen).  For most of us this year, the number one peeve was the lack of a major league baseball team.  Now it’s followed by a football team that only plays one half.  Clear some land in Arden Hills and build them half a stadium.  Go Vikings!!! And take the Timberwolves with you. 


Back to real life.  MLB Network frequently shows Plays of the week.  Here are a few Peeves of the year.  Let’s start with the little sticky ads pasted on page one of the morning newspaper.  Even if I was a customer in the past, put a sticky note on my paper and I’ll never buy again.  Hey, Ice cream truck!!  Do you really have to hang around my neighborhood for half an hour and play “Turkey in the Straw” 655 times.


Bowlers, 7 and 10 pins have been our pet peeve forever, and even more hateful when they both stand after one ball.  It wasn’t always that way.  In the old days if you made a half pocket hit, you would have to settle for an 8 - 10.  But then there’s the guy who is somewhere in the center when it’s his turn to bowl.  If you need to talk to someone on lane 22, why not just call them on your cell phone.  Oh yeah, then there’s the guy talking on his cell phone when it’s his turn to bowl.  What’s even worse, seeing the guy talking on the cell phone and driving at the same time.  These are the folks who make right turns into left lanes, and left turns into right lanes.  Makes you want to move to a town with no four lane roads, and no cell reception.  (I was going to say no bars, but who would want to live in a town with no bars).


It bothers me that Nick Punto is a better hitter than both of our so called “back up” catchers.  Sorry Horsey but it’s true.  But it bothers me worse that the Milwaukee Brewers pitching staff are better hitters than our back up catchers.  I am really tired of agencies calling my home six or seven times per week asking for donations of clothing or other discards.  I once had a person ask for old clothing, and I responded that if I gave it away, “What would I wear?”  She hung up on me!!  I don’t hang up on real people, just recordings.


Show up on time for bowling.  When would bowling start if everyone was late.  Remember when you are catching up, there are nine individuals with eyes burning on your back, don’t miss that ten pin.  Too bad, if you were there on time, you may have gotten a shadow ball or two.


Last and least, Car insurance commercials.  They have to be lies.  You cannot possibly save $400.00 by switching to 12 different companies.  At the end of the day, a company would be paying you $4000.00 to use their insurance!  I suppose the TV stations that broadcast the shows I watch need to make money, but saving money by a guy eating his daughters goldfish instead of sushi is a bit over the top.  Bring back the cavemen.





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