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My Nickel’s Worth                                                       by Randy Ooney




Many bowling leagues nowadays have adopted year end structures where a number of teams have a shot at the championship by virtue of a playoff structure based on a split season, quad season, triads with a wild card, or some other form championship round.  This leaves league members over the final weeks of the season, sitting between frames with the standings sheet, pondering all the possible outcomes for their respective teams. I wonder where they got that idea?


So while we wait for the NFL football pundits to start defining playoff possibilities, we find our Minnesota Twins in a playoff predicament, and the Star Tribune laying out a prototype for a “Singles with Runners in Scoring Position” Hanky.  Of course, professional sports has a facet that bowling leagues do not, and that’s home field advantage. 


I have found, however, that a slight advantage can be obtained by using my Democrat “Attitude Shift” ball on the left lane, and the Republican “Insurance Agent”, on the right lane.  Okay, maybe I made up the second name, but I’m thinking Storm may have one out before election day.  Perhaps the government could offer it as an incentive with the purchase of 1000 shares of AIG stock.  I’ve heard they acquired a lot of it, and are willing to share.


So as our minds wander back to the days of Herbie, G-man, and the Puck, it’s time to raise a glass to the over achieving 2008 Minnesota Twins, who despite their woes on the road, have provided us with an entertaining and competitive season.  As I write this with my glass half full, I hope I am not preempting the outcome with this ditty to the windy city:


Ozzie has no cause for shame,

After all, it’s only a game.

Not Alston, nor Stengel, nor Eddie Stanky,

Were ever done in by a “Singles with Runners in Scoring Position” Hanky


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