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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney



Just got back from our annual trek to Las Vegas.  My former employer, Graybar Electric Company, held the annual retirees reunion once again at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.  The Orleans is significant this year as it will be the host of the national USBC Queens tournament coming soon.  Ladies, if and when you are going, you will not be disappointed by the beautiful 70 lane center on the second floor of the Orleans.

If you choose to stay at the Orleans and maybe risk some of your hard earned cash in the casino, your first stop should be the B Connected booth on the casino floor.  There you will sign up for a plastic card which you slide into a machine, or give to a table boss, and the card will record your play into points.  The points are good for discounts at the many restaurants in the Orleans.  I think there are 14 restaurants in the hotel, (counting the food court), but I have only tried the French Market Buffet and the 24hour courtyard restaurant.  The buffet is decent but a bit ordinary on weekdays and the courtyard seems a bit pricey, but the food is always good and there are upscale restaurants where you can spend your winnings, or a fast food court near the back if your luck has not yet arrived.

The ladies national tournament is also in Las Vegas this year, at South Point hotel and casino.  South Point is located about 7 miles south of the south end of the strip, (New York, New York) so I recommend a rental car.  Taxi fares are very high and you can burn a full day of car rental on one ride to or from South Point.  Good Luck and good bowling to all.

Now I heard there was a football game last Sunday.  The Orleans sports book had about 50 proposition bets available.  The only thing I did not see was a possible wager on the number of times Manning would holler “Omaha”.  Although it is the only sports event where you use the toilet on 3rd and long so as not to miss the commercials, I think they are getting over the top.  I wonder if these companies can justify $400 grand for a spot to sell Doritos or Snickers.  I did enjoy seeing Marilyn Monroe in an ad.  She looked pretty good for being over 80 and dead.   And, bowling finally made it into a Super Bowl ad.  It claimed that Advil will reduce the pain in your shoulders while you bowl so I went and purchased a big bottle.  It cost $13.94 at Walmart so now Advil needs only to sell 28,570 more bottles to break even on the ad.  Glad I could help.    




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