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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


River City,

Well we got trouble my friends, Trouble in River City.  Why sure I’m a bowler, Mighty proud to say, I’m mighty proud to say it.  These modified words from Professor Harold Hill leads me to the PBA50 Seniors scheduled for a summer visit to the River City bowling center in Monticello.  I have participated in the enjoyable Pro Am in previous years.  Last year a health problem precluded my giving the Senior age pros a few tips.  In the actual event, local bowlers Mike Schmid, (Mr. USBC 100,000), Dana Wright, and Tom Jones went head up with the likes of Norm Duke and others.  Tom Jones made a super splash and cashed a check!   

Of course, this year bowling centers have been closed by the governor, and I contacted River City manager, and my good friend John Foss and I learned that the tournament has been postponed.  I like that word better than “cancelled” but it still carries some disappointment.  I have visited the tournament many, many times going back to the days when it was held at Treasure Island.  Actually I like it better at River City because it is a shorter drive from my home, and they don’t have any of those machines that make me poorer than when I got there.

I am keeping six feet distancing on the golf course but that is not too possible in the bowling centers.  I am hoping the PBA finds a way however health and safety are more important to bowlers and fans of the tournament.










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