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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney




I have to give a thumbs up to a number of bowling centers who have remodeled their facility for the comfort of the bowlers.  As I visit more centers for tournaments and my travelling league I may update in the future.  I visited Blainbrook recently and noticed that they have completely remodeled their settee area.  Each pair of lanes now has six padded comfortable seats for bowlers.  It makes me stop and wonder – with 5 bowlers on a team and two on the approaches that leaves two others standing or at a table in the upper level. 


I coach a high school team that practices at Park Tavern in St. Louis Park. I fear Park Tavern is better known as a bar and restaurant that has a bowling center attached.  They recently installed stationary tables and chairs in the settee area.  A little difficult to get in and out of for an old person like me, but a pizza fits very well on the table.


Texa Tonka added scoring and chairs in the settee area with room for most bowlers to take a seat while waiting for their next turn.  Several weeks ago I visited Cedarvale for the PWBA Pro Am.  (I am still an Am).  It was a fun event but I think they may have had more entries than planned.  The settees have seats for eight bowlers, and the ball return holds 12 bowling balls.  For the Pro Am, most pairs had 12 bowlers, including the pros, however the pair I was on had 13 bowlers.  Add a small area in the settee for about 40 additional bowling balls of the participants, and it was a bit uncomfortable.  Pro Ams are always fun though and mentioning the PWBA, congratulations to our local ladies, Kayla Pashina and Katie Ann Schroeder who both finished among the top 32 and cashed a check in the event.


If I remember correctly, Rocio Restrepo finished second in the PWBA event at Treasure Island a couple of years ago, so I was happy to see her win the title this year.  If you missed it, the CBS Sports Network shows it almost every Saturday.  

One final note: The Minnesota State Senior Tournament will be held at Louisville Lanes near the end of October.  I had heard that the lanes were closing, however I understand that there is new management and things are alive and well on 169 near 41.



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