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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


Silver Bells


“It’s Christmas time in the city….”  Even though I have gotten old, Christmas never seems to get old.  It certainly has changed a lot, and I will let you decide whether the changes are for better or worse.  I’m not sure if stores have to open at 4:00 AM, Midnight, or 10:00 PM on Thanksgiving night, but as it was on “Miracle on 34th Street”, If Macy’s did it, then Gimbel’s had to do it too.  I had little compassion for those grousing about having to work special holiday hours.  In the history of America, there are many, many professions needed to keep the wheels of progress turning.  Police and Fire, Health care and nursing homes, Airlines and other transportation, Utilities and communication workers, the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys, and many others.  These folks celebrate the holiday and work it into their schedule, and we thank you all.  And these days, people should also be thankful that they have employment.


I am not sure I can buy into all the hype that surrounds Christmas shopping these days.  Mom used to take us downtown on the Twin City Rapid Transit bus to visit Santa at Dayton’s, Donaldson’s, and Powers, and we would tour all the window displays.  Downtown isn’t what it used to be, but I remember visiting the fantastic indoor mall, Southdale on the day after Thanksgiving.  You could shop for hours without battling the cold weather.  It was crowded and they probably opened early, but when did the term “Black Friday” creep into all the sales promotions.  I don’t think it was part of the Martin Luther King dream.  I kind of lost track; I think Black Friday spilled over into Black Saturday, or was it small business Saturday?  Then we started cyber week.  I’m sure we didn’t have that when I was a kid.  It won’t be long until every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas will have it’s own name. 


Opening early on Turtle Dove Tuesday !!

Only 10 drummers drumming shopping days left!!

Visit Mall of America for the elite 8 maids a milking contest.

Gift Card cop out day.  Purchase a $50 gift card for a hundred bucks and we’ll give you a second one absolutely free!!

Five Golden Gopher rings day.  See if one of Jerry Kill’s running backs can negotiate all five without tripping.


And then there are the pro shop promotions.


There’s sure to be tents pitched at the door for the early opening on wrist brace Wednesday.  Double Velcro on every strap.

Dashing through the snow Monday.  Purchase a pair of bowling shoes and receive a pair of shoe covers.  Great for grabbing a smoke between games in the winter wonderland.

Give up Sunday.  Huge discounts on Minnesota Viking Vis-a-balls.


And of course, visit any Brunswick Zone from now ‘til Christmas and have your photo taken with Santa Drock.  Ho Ho Ho.


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to one and all !!!     




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