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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth by Randy Ooney

Small Fortune

I rarely give financial advice to anyone. It’s your money, you should be able to blow it without my help. But I heard a tip last week that is a guaranteed, absolute, sure fire tip on how to make a small fortune! It’s very simple … Start with a large fortune and buy a bowling center.

Back in the old days, where my time machine frequently travels, bowling centers had 8 or 12 lanes. There was a pop machine and probably a snack vending machine where one could purchase a candy bar or bag of chips. Those of proper age could buy a Hamm’s, Grain Belt, Schmidt, or Pabst Blue Ribbon from the cooler behind the counter. Later some centers modernized and sold a burger or hot dog in one of those fireproof clear plastic bags that could be heated up in a toaster oven. Yum!

While many elite bowlers are getting their Spring and Summer leagues going to keep in shape for the CBA and MSC tournaments, I have to admit that, other than an occasional appearance at the senior pot games at Tex, I take bowling off in the summer. But these days, whether or not you bowl, there’s no reason to keep away from the bowling establishments in the summer months. The pop and snack machines have been replaced in many centers with full service bars and restaurants. Some have added scores of video games for kids of all ages, and make a great venue for birthday parties (for kids of all ages).

With the Twins in their new home, a ticket is getting to be a high budget item, and not so readily available. Even if you have the bucks to visit Target Field two or three times a week, I bet you don’t fly to New York, Tampa, KC, or Oakland for the road games. Many bowling centers have those big T V sets in the bar. It’s almost like being at the game. I say “almost” because a brat and a Miller Lite won’t cost you $17.00.

Some centers have huge dining facilities for a great family meal or a cozy dinner for two. Prices are very reasonable, the food is as good or better than a lot of the franchise outlets scattered around the Twin Cities. I didn’t mention particular names, because I did not want to leave anyone out. You all have your favorites, and you know where they are. We all support our local bowling centers in the winter, but I thought I would mention some summer ideas to help our friendly proprietors with the air conditioning bills. It won’t cost you a small fortune.


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