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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney




A friend commented recently asking if the title of the previous article meant the end of “My Nickel’s Worth”.  Sorry about confusing those hopeful individuals, but the articles will continue until the beatings stop.  It is, however, the end of the season for most of the traditional Fall through Spring leagues, and the golf clubs and fishing rods will be coming out of the garage soon.  Some already have hit the links after our early Spring this year.


The PBA featured its annual Tournament of Champions this past week from Red Rock Lanes in Las Vegas.  I am a bit of a purist and I remember when it was the “Firestone” and came from the great bowling city of Akron, Ohio.  The TOC seems to have lost some of its pizzazz with all the different formats and oil patterns that the PBA tosses at us week after week, as well as allowing regional champions in the gate, but it is still a major tournament.  The announcer loudly introduced the “Ryan Express”, and “BelMo”, but when it came Sean Rash’s turn on the lanes the nickname was left off.  Although they did not bowl against each other in the finals, watching Michael Fagan and Sean Rash bowl, is like watching Joe Nathan pitch.  Especially with Rash, I think you could flip over to the PGA tournament, Watch Jim Furyk two putt, and go back to ESPN without missing a shot.  But it has been a long dry spell for Mr. Rash, so congratulations on this week’s success.


The Tournament of Champions was not the only bowling event of April.  The NCAA held its women’s championship near Cleveland, Ohio, and the finals were also featured on ESPN.  Maryland-Eastern Shore defeated Farleigh Dickinson in the final Baker match format, but I wanted to give a shout out to our local premier college bowler, Larissa Lantto, who competed in the tournament with her Central Missouri College teammates.  Congratulations and put them away next year!!


As summer sneaks up on us, our friendly bowling centers are offering Spring leagues and Sport leagues on PBA patterns for those who want to stay sharp for the CBA, ABT, or MSC tournaments.  I have mentioned this before, but even if you don’t care to bowl in the summer, those many bowling centers have bills to pay while you’re fishing, and most offer a reasonably priced menu of food and beverages, as well as big screen TVs where you can heckle Gardenhire and boo Mauer.  Stop in and have a couple of Daron Burgers, each with a full 8 ounces of ground beef on a sesame Bruns wickth lettuce, tomato, and cheese, and a little bit of ham without the bone.  Maybe add some French Fries and top it off with a scoop of drocky road ice cream for dessert.  


Have a great summer!  Hit ‘em straight, get the net, love a parade, but don’t let that bowling equipment get rusty.  





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