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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


My Nickel’s Worth                      by Randy Ooney

Super Clash


Since the NFL has stolen the word Bowl for their grand finale, the PBA created a “Super Clash” on Super Bowl Sunday.  They billed it as a grudge match between previous Player of the Year, Sean Rash against current Player of the Year, Jason Belmonte. The match did not live up to former grudge matches like Vern Gagne vs. Mad Dog Vachon, or Hulk Hogan vs. Big John Studd.  Jason was coming off his Barbasol Tournament of Champions win.  I hope he was awarded a can of Barbasol along with the winner’s check.  Maybe he was hoping to be the before guy in their next commercial.  The match was compared (with video) to former rivals Mark Roth vs. Marshall Holman – (the Sean Rash of a previous generation.)  What is interesting is the video; Roth was considered a cranker as the video shows him targeting around 15 out to maybe 12 and coming back to the pocket.  I met Mark in Las Vegas years ago and was greeted with a handshake.  His hand bore the feel of thousands of 16 pound deliveries, trying to make that rubber ball hook 7 boards.  Those were the days.  I saw Carmen Salvino spectating at the “Super Clash”.  I wonder how he feels about the equipment of today’s game.  Also in attendance were Del Ballard, Storm ball rep for Jason.  I do not know the name of Sean’s Brunswick ball rep, but I am sure he doubles as a body form for drock’s Brunswick bowling shirts.  The match was close and Jason edged a victory from Sean 743-718.


On to the Super Bowl.  I thought that Denver would have the upper hand, but I had no money bet on the game so I didn’t really care who won.  I guess the poor saps who had 6-8 on the office pull tab board were smiling after the third quarter.  I was struggling to stay awake.  My opinion is that the commercials are well overdone.  Every company seems to want to blow something up, or make your heart bleed.  What happened to the entertainment value in the ads?  I miss the E*Trade Chimp who danced for 30 seconds with the caption, “We just blew a half million bucks, what are you doing with your money?”  How about Betty White playing tackle football with Abe Vigoda. The Doritos time machine ad was somewhat entertaining, and I enjoyed the cameo appearance by the Hulkster in the Radio Shack commercial.  I thought the Volkswagon message that when a VW hits 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets wings was clever.  Minnesota’s own Bob Dylan wants us to buy a Chrysler 200.  May you stay Forever Young, Bob. 


Steven Colbert selling pistachios was pretty stupid.  Sonos wanted to fill your home with music, but the sound that was being emitted during the ad was definitely not music.  The bear wrecking the country store in the Chobani ad made no sense.  What is Chobani anyway?  Normally Super Bowl commercials are for products I have heard about.  The worst commercial this year?  Without a doubt the Audi ad featuring a small dog body with a big head.  I will not purchase an Audi in the future.


Budweiser offered up the best message with the Welcome Home Serviceman spot.  Nothing like heartwarming patriotism to sell beer.




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