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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


TThis is 40


There is a new movie hitting the theaters around Christmas entitled “This is 40”.  Of course I have only seen the TV ads, but it appears to be a comedy about Pete and Debbie as they approach the dreaded middle age.  I remember turning 40.  It was the day the Minnesota Twins brought the first World Champion trophy to Minnesota.  My family had a great party, and I received the usual “over the hill” greetings, a cake with black frosting, a cane, some Geritol, a box of Depends, and some of that stuff that keeps your hair from turning gray.  It was all in fun though.  Later I found out that you’re not really over the hill until you reach 60, but that’s a different article.


Forty has long been a significant number.  I am not sure how long it took Noah to build his boat, but he sailed in the rain for 40 days and 40 nights.  There are 40 days between Mardi Gras and Easter.  Ali Baba took advantage of the loot ripped off by those forty thieves.  I’m not sure what a niner is, but there are forty of them playing football in San Francisco.  Speaking of football, there are plenty of good seats between the 40 yard lines.  Only Harmon Killebrew hit at least 40 home runs in a season for the Twins, although he accomplished it seven times.  Matt McNiel recently bowled his 40th 800 series, and he is nowhere near 40 years old.  While playing golf, after you putt out on hole number three, proceed to number four tee.  Maybe you invite friends over for coffee, but in Britain the invitation is for tea.


Add the uniform numbers of our favorite Minnesota Twins, Joe and Justin.  If not, how about the retired numbers of all time favorites, Kirby Puckett and Tony Oliva.  For those whose baseball season is just a distraction between football seasons, you may want to add the numbers on the backs of Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin.


Maybe you bowled in the National USBC tournament – nothing 40 about that that, but did you slip away for a day to compete in the 40 frame game?  It’s a tournament favorite among bowlers.


And now, for the 40th time, it is my great pleasure to mention drock, Mr. Daron Hansen in this ongoing series of articles.  Although he has over 1000 friends on Facebook, only 40 of them are true friends.  The others are just there for the pictures.  So on December 7, after you have a moment of silence in remembrance of the attack on Pearl Harbor, please take an extra moment to remember those who have reached the over the hill middle age of 40.  Then go to facebook and wish a Happy 40th birthday to Daron Hansen!  Happy Birthday!.             


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