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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney




I was a 12 year old kid when Calvin Griffith moved the Senators from Washington.  I was a baseball player and a fan, and I was happy to exchange the Minneapolis Millers with a major league team; even though there was a well known saying about Washington – “First on land, First on sea, and last in the American League”.  In 1965, the World Series was played during the day and we high school seniors could catch an inning or two during study hall.  I have been to many Twins games, highlighted by 5 of the 1987 World Series games.  I have lived through the ups and downs of 53 seasons, and I have to say that the Twins organization should be embarrassed about the last three years.


I have noticed on the television broadcasts, one of the sponsors is Meshbesher and Spence, attorneys for drunk drivers.  I am surprised that the Vikings did not pick them up.  One of their lines is that “accounts and descriptions may not be disseminated” without permission.  Who in the world would want to disseminate (repeat widely) words of a hall of fame pitcher who cannot pronounce Zobrist, or let, thinks the plural of first baseman is first basemans, and thinks the past tense of pinch hit is pinched hit.  And in the other chair is a guy who gives the count before and after every pitch, even though it is shown in the little box at the bottom of the screen.  Twins and Fox Sports North, you’ve been feeding us this tripe for over fifteen years, it’s time for a change. “Two and one, three and one, three and two” – there, I disseminated it, so sue me.


We have been promised the likes of a Buxton and Sano for several years.  But, if the pitching prospects are anywhere near the likes of Trevor May, it will take more than a Buxton and Sano to turn the fate around.  Recently the Twins traded or gave away Torii Hunter, Carlos Gomez, Denard Span, and Ben Revere and gave us Aaron Hicks.  Whoever made those moves – don’t get egg on the towel while you are wiping your face.  Maybe we were spoiled by those years after the contraction threat but somebody better do something quick.  Right now, the Twins are the worst team in the weakest division in Major League Baseball, and the Star Tribune is working on a prototype “Homer Stinky”.    





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