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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


Two Hands,

Tell the truth.  After Jason Belmonte came along, did any of you bowlers give a try to a two handed release ??  Well I did but I am sure that anyone who was watching had a good laugh.  I have had a couple of high schoolers do very well but I guess you need to be a bit younger than I am.

So, this past weekend, I spent 9 hours watching a PBA tournament from Jupiter, Florida on the CBS Sports channel.  Welcome back, PBA, although no spectators and social distancing are mandatory.  The beginning started with 8 of the prominent PBA members each bowling four games for position in a stepladder.  Jakob Butturf had a high game with a 300, while Kyle Troup tossed a 299.  I did not see which pin Kyle left because his hair was in the way.

After two four man stepladders, Kyle Troup defeated Chris Prather, and Anthony Sorenson topped Jakob Butturf.  Guess what !!  The two game finals were a two hander versus a two hander.  Well, only one of them can win, so after one win each in a two game final, it went to a two frame tie breaker, and Kyle defeated Anthony 40 to 39.

I really hope that the PBA returns to a stepladder event with 5 qualifying bowlers on the PBA tour.










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