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    by Randy Ooney     

My Nickel’s Worth                     by Randy Ooney


My Nickel’s Worth

What’s Up ??

I admit that I am a senior citizen.  In fact, the first two games that I bowled were on lanes where there was a guy in back that picked up the pins that I knocked over and reset the rack.  When I wanted to watch bowling on TV, I tuned into Chris Schenkel and Billy Welu and watched a stepladder final where all PBA players bowled a ten frame game, and the winner moved on.  Recently I watched a number of PBA players in an odd format where it nearly seemed “get a strike or get out of the way.”  After Jason BelMonte was eliminated the final two players bowled a one game final.          E.J. Tackett is a traditional right handed bowler who performed well.  He was defeated by Jason Butturff who played around the ten board OUT TO ONE !! And brought it back.  Also I noticed that the crowd is allowed to yell and scream while the bowlers are playing.  I am not a fan of these goofy formats.

When we all go to our local leagues, we normally bowl three or maybe four 10 frame games and go home.  I have mentioned that I am involved in coaching high schoolers.  In practice we bowl 10 frame games, however in matches it defers to the Baker system format.  I am hoping in the future that these players will adapt to regular league bowling.

One final word about us Seniors.  My good friend Jon Heath shot 300 at Texa-Tonka last week at the age of 81.  Congratulations Jon!!  (Jon is 81, I have no idea how old Texa Tonka is, but I think it could be close.)  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.






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