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My Nickel’s Worth                                              by Randy Ooney


A Word on Awards


The summer edition of US Bowler Magazine contained a short note regarding the awards program of the USBC.  “the USBC Board of Directors has decided to postpone any changes in the awards program for one year, and has promised to review the ‘once in a lifetime’ proposal during that time”.


The initial proposal was brought to the attention of our forum earlier this year, with several comments from mnbowling contributors.  I’m sure my friend Rich Anderson will be relieved, as he has purchased sandals in hopes of winning a coveted 300 toe ring or two.  But seriously, people like to be recognized for their accomplishments  Large companies will frequently offer a lapel pin or tie tack for ten years of service.  But who wears a coat and tie to the office anymore?


The USBC has been awarding patches for years to recognize various achievements in sanctioned competition.  But who wears bowling shirts anymore?  I am not embarrassed to say I have all my patches in a scrapbook, rings in a drawer, and I really like the lapel pins the USBC has started giving in the last couple of years.  But for the USBC, I’m sure it’s a matter of costs.  We pay $19.00 per year, (split between national and local associations), for a governing body that defines rules and gives credence to our sport.  Although it’s increased over the past few years, it is a small price to pay to allow us to compete in organized leagues and tournaments with financial protection, performance records on-line, and prizes for qualified scores.  So I don’t know if anyone would mind getting a pin for the second 300 game of 800 series.  After all, how many fingers does Brad Larson have anyway??


But I don’t feel Barack Obama deserves an award for his 37 game.  Since he bowled only seven frames, it cannot be sanctioned.  Besides, he could have gone off the sheet for 45 or 50!   


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